co Give Your Local Listing A Boost With Rich Snippets |

Rich snippets are becoming the new tool when it comes to SEO and local business listings. While they are not limited to local business, they do offer a few advantages to that sector. Rich snippets provide information that the search engines may, and I emphasize may here, show in search results.

This information can include review ratings, price ranges for products, opening hours and shop front addresses. The code is place within the body of your page (although hidden to viewers). If you use Google’s own PageMaps structure, this is placed in the Header region of your page.

Rich snippets will not increase your position within search results, however, search engine optimization is not just about search placement, it should also incorporate best practices that can convert its current placement into clicks. This is where a well written description meta tag may help, and to boost that tag, well written rich snippets.

In search results, your page generally only gets one chance to win that click. This means your search listing needs to woo the searcher and the best way to do this is by including relevant information that sells your page as being the most appropriate in relation to the search term used.

Check out the pages on Google related to rich snippets – they take no more than five minutes to set up yet they could have a significant effect on the number of click throughs you receive.