co Is Twitter A Social Media Website? |

I’ve often wondered whether we should classify Twitter as a social media website or a mass communication website. Technically, I guess it’s both. Marketing Pilgrim refers to it as “news media”.

I’m not sure I’d classify it as news media because many people who are not journalists and reporters use it for other things. It might be better to call it a micropublishing platform. But I love this paragraph from the aforementioned paragraph article:

For a place renowned for its social capabilities, you’d expect Twitter to be more . . . you know, social. But in fact, more than two-thirds of Twitter users (68% again) are not followed by a single person they follow. That sounds like an anti-social network!

So does a site like Twitter have to have reciprocal relationships? Is the social part of the platform a necessary component? It works real well as a mass communication channel, aka “broadcast” channel.

What do you think? Is Twitter a social media website or something else?