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SiteProNews has a good articles on marketing through Facebook. The author shares three specific ways that you can promote your website or Web business through Facebook without appearing to be a publicity hound. I actually think two of those ways are two of the best ways to promote your business online. In fact, you can be successful promoting your business even if you don’t have a website.

Killing Them Softly With Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages used to be one of the Web’s best kept secrets. But it’s not such a secret any more. Just about everybody who is doing any marketing online is using a Facebook Page and there are some very good reasons why.

  • Facebook Pages are easy to promote
  • They’re also easy to create
  • They can be SEOd and achieve high search engine rankings
  • Through Facebook’s viral network they can achieve high profile status rather quickly

Using a Facebook Page to promote your business online has a lot of benefits – more benefits, in fact, than most other online marketing tactics you’ve tried.

Don’t Be Late For Facebook Events

Hosting an event? Promote it through the Facebook Events application. All you have to do is set the date and time then let a few of your friends know. The application allows your friends to RSVP and state whether they are attending or even just say “Maybe”. Friends can also share events with their friends.

Go Viral With Facebook

Facebook is now the most trafficked website online, passing Google earlier this year. With a little effort you can go viral on Facebook just by using Facebook Pages and Events.