co OneRiot Launches Out Of Beta |

The race has been on to dominate real-time search since Twitter took the world by storm a couple of years ago. OneRiot launched last May and planned to be the first real real-time search engine. It’s done pretty well as far as I can tell.

The search engine has been in beta until now and WebProNews reports that beta testing is done.

The thing that I like about OneRiot, and this is completely new, its its Trending Topics search. You’ll see the latest trending topics in real time scrolling across the screen from left to right. The ticking clock on the left top part of the screen helps you keep track of those topics in real time.

I’ve got to say that this is a much more improved look than the OneRiot of last year. I like the colors and the layout of the home page. It’s easy to navigate, pleasing to the idea and simple. The search feature is prominently displayed at the top of the page and the trending topics scrolling makes it easy to see what’s happening right now.

All of that said, how can this help marketers? Well, you have to be active on the real-time social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Use your keywords in your postings, but don’t be a spammer. And it would help if you made it over to OneRiot every once in a while to see how the search engine actually indexes and ranks websites like yours.