co Yahoo! Plans To Transition To adCenter By Christmas |

Yahoo! provided an update on its transition to and integration with MSN adCenter on the Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog. The back up plan is to push the transition back to early 2011 “If we determine that we cannot transition with quality before the holiday period.”

I’m still trying to imagine what it’s going to be like to have two major search marketing providers. Google is still the dominant player in the search marketing space, but Bing taking over Yahoo!s search marketing initiatives could make it a rival. Then, there’s Facebook. So maybe we’ll be back to a Big Three.

But I think it will be a couple of years at least before Facebook springs into some real serious competition.

If you have been using Yahoo! as your primary search marketing vehicle because you didn’t want to pay the higher click prices at Google then MSNs adCenter is probably going to be your best shot. You better start now and become familiar with the adCenter tools.