co Will E-books Become An SEO Tool? |

Google Editions, reports WebProNews, will be the book selling arm of Google, due to arrive in June or July. Of course, there has been much talk of Google entering the book selling and publishing business for a couple of years now. It looks like it will arrive soon.

The obvious question here is, How will e-book publishing affect SEO? Or will it?

You might think that book publishing and SEO have nothing in common or nothing to share. I’ll disagree. If book publishing goes digital then you can expect some changes in how books are written, published and delivered. They could become as much an SEO tool as anything.

No. 1, chapter previews and introductions could be used as SEO tools. Amazon offers sample chapters and introductions for free as previews to allow book buyers and opportunity to test a book’s contents before buying. I’d expect Google to do the same. Since Google can now crawl and index PDF documents, I believe book publishers will try to find a way to provide book introductions that are written with SEOd content so that previews are crawled and indexed by the world’s largest search engine. Is that far-fetched?

I don’t think that’s far-fetched at all. Do you?