co 3 Google Services You Probably Aren't Using But Should |

You might think that everyone uses Google by now. And you’re probably 90% right. Most people online use Google for something. But no one uses it for everything. Below are three Google services that I think every webmaster online would find useful and if you aren’t using them now then you should start using them today.

  1. Google Profiles – The first one is pretty simple. Google Profiles is one of the best reputation management tools you can have. If someone searches for you by name then you’ll definitely want to have your profile listed at the bottom of the SERP results page. You can create your profile in minutes and capture your name in Google’s index forever.
  2. Google Buzz – You’re probably on all of the hot social networks already. There’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and, of course, Digg and StumbleUpon. Good for you. But you should also be using Google Buzz for one simple reason – it’s owned by Google. Bookmark your content on Google Buzz and watch it get indexed and ranked faster.
  3. Google LabsGoogle Labs is the cool place to be. Whenever Google comes up with a new service idea they test it first – in Google Labs. You can be their guinea pig. One cool Lab experiment right now is Google Sets. Use Google Labs to stay on the cutting edge of what Google is all about.  <editor’s note: Google Sets has since been discontinued>

Google has a lot going on. It’s not just a search engine. It’s an Internet resource powerhouse. Dig around into other Google services and see what else you can find that you can’t live without.