co How Important Is Search? |

It’s not often that you get to see data collected from a major search engine’s toolbar. But Bill Slawski at SEO By The Sea shares some insights into some Yahoo! toolbar data.

The results indicate that about 10% of all pageviews online were as a result of a Web search. Furthermore, another 21% of the pages viewed online were as a result of searches indirectly. And, get this, of all the pages viewed as a result of a Web search, it resulted in a total of 21.4% of all pageviews.

So where are all the other pageviews coming from? Various sources that include multimedia websites like Hulu, Youtube, Flickr, etc. and site searches like, eBay and Craigslist.

Here’s the breakdown of searches by category and percentage:

* Event – 2.31
* Games – 1.15
* Notable person – 13.08
* Ordinary person – 4.42
* Specific product – 11.35
* General product – 8.56
* Places – 4.90
* Business Categories/Services – 7.69
* Health Issues – 1.35
* Real estate – 1.15
* Media title (names of movies, ED albums, etc.) – 10.10
* Organization (businesses, nonprofits, government) – 33.94

If you can learn anything from this data that can help you be a better marketer online then I highly recommend that you go over it. It’s rather telling.