co Will Facebook Be The Next Google |

It hasn’t been since 1998 when an upstart company online took the world by storm and within a few short years completely dominated the Web. By 2003, everyone was Google-ized. By 2005, we were Googling. Well, we’re still Googling, but now a lot of us are also Facebooking.

Facebook has already taken the No. 1 spot in traffic away from Google so you can say that they’ve “dominated” the Web. But not really. There’s a lot more potential growth for Facebook. A lot more. And I think we’re going to see it.

Right now, everyone is talking about the Open Graph and speculating on just what it will mean for businesses. Well, it means quite a lot, actually. And just how far it will extend its reach is unknown, but there’s a good chance that will become as ubiquitous as Google, or more.

Last Friday I posted about a potential rivalry between Facebook advertising and Google AdSense. If it happens it will likely be because of Facebook’s Open Graph and its social plug-ins. Where Google taught us all how to search, Facebook is planning to teach us to be social. The question is, are we ready?

A lot of has been written and said about the social Web. I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. Facebook could be positioning itself to take over the Web in ways that no one – not even Google – has done yet. And one of the beneficiaries of that takeover could be Bing. I think the Web is about to get a lot more war-like. Are you ready?