co Big Surprise: StumbleUpon Is No. 2 For Social Traffic |

I’m sure you are aware that Facebook is the most trafficked website online right now after passing Google earlier this year. Because of its privileged status the social media site also bears the distinction of being the site that drives the most traffic to websites on the global level. No big surprise there.

But you might be surprised at who the No. 2 website for social traffic is. StumbleUpon.

This is according to WebProNews.

And following StumbleUpon is Twitter. Next in line after that? WebProNews reports:

The top social media sites to generate global website traffic after Facebook, StumbleUpon and Twitter are YouTube (6%), reddit (4%), Digg (2%) and MySpace (2%).

So does all of this mean you should be sharing your content on Facebook and StumbleUpon? Not necessarily. It still depends on your content and who your target market is. Keep in mind that StumbleUpon users might visit your site, but SU is notorious for creating a lot of bounces as well, so it may not necessarily be good traffic.