co Facebook Or Google AdSense? |

I generally don’t recommend that small business owners put advertising on their websites. If you place Google AdSense all over your business blog or website then you are offering exit holes for your visitors to leave through. That’s generally not a good idea. Even if you make a little money on those leaving your site, wouldn’t you rather have them as a customer for life?

But let’s say that your online business model involves advertising in some manner. Would you rather use Google AdSense or Facebook socially intelligent ads?

If you’re wondering what’s the difference then consider this. Google AdSense is a keyword-based system. Google matches ads to the content on your website. But Facebook, being a social network, has much more important information about its users. They can keep tabs on your interests and show you ads related to those interests. Such a system might actually prove to be more valuable to advertisers than a keyword-based system.

So now that you know the difference, if you were to provide advertising on your website, would you choose to use Google AdSense ads or Facebook social ads?