co Are You Guilty Of Keyword Stuffing |

SEO techniques that come to be known as blackhat SEO are very common, but many new small business marketers would have no idea how to conduct many of these techniques. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t be guilty of it, however. You can unwittingly make the mistake of engaging in blackhat SEO and have your website banned or lose your search engine rankings.

The most common form of blackhat SEO, or spam, is called keyword stuffing. This one is so common because many people who do it don’t realize they are doing it or that it is wrong. But the search engines do not like this technique.

In a nutshell, keyword stuffing is the practice of overusing your keywords on your content pages. SEOs and content managers do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Adding unnecessary keywords to the meta keyword tag
  • Using the keyword too many times in the content of your page, making it read awkwardly
  • Stuffing it into alt tags, title attributes, h tags and anywhere else you can think of “just to get another one in”

These are the most common ways that SEOs or content managers engage in keyword stuffing. To avoid this spam tactic, which is considered blackhat SEO by the search engines, write in a natural language way and avoid the keyword stuffing.