co Is The Age Of Free Coming To An End? |

The Internet has largely been a culture of free since the beginning. There are people who actually believe that everything should be free. But that really isn’t practical, is it?

Just a month ago social networking platform Ning announced that it was no longer going to provide free platforms for its members. Existing social networks are going to have to start paying for a premium service or disappear.

Marketing pilgrim Frank Reed laments the death of free, but Bud Parr seems to welcome it.

There seems to be a market for free, but it’s hard to build a business model around giving away the farm. At some point, a business has to decide if it can survive by giving things away. If it can’t then it may have to bite the bullet and start charging for services. Nothing wrong with that. There is as much a market for premium services as for free. The question is, Will paid premium services drive the free givers out of business?