co How HTML 5 Will Make Video More Accessible To You |

If you have been reluctant to use video on your small business website because of particular technical limitations related to embedding, sizing, SEO and video hosting then you’ll likely be excited to know that HTML 5 will change all of that. In its current incarnation, Web video is limited for most website uses. YouTube, and other video sharing sites, have paved the way for video popularity on the Web, but until now it has been rather impractical for most website owners to use video on their websites.

Most Web browsers require a plugin before a site visitor can view a video. Site visitors either need to download Shockwave, Flash or another browser plugin just to view a video and due to concerns for Web security many of them are reluctant to do so. That means there is a huge segment of your website traffic that you are not able to reach. HTML 5 will change that.

With HTML 5, webmasters will be able to upload a video to their server and display it on their website in the same manner as they can currently do with a photo. All it will take is a simple HTML tag that will tell browsers where your video is located and the styling elements involved. Anyone will be able to view the video in their Web browser.

The HTML 5 Poster Attribute

One unique aspect of the video tag in HTML 5 is the poster attribute. This attribute allows you to use an image placeholder that shows where a video will be displayed while it loads. The possibilities here are endless. You can show your branding logo, a Google AdSense ad, an in-house ad for an event you want to promote or sell the space to an advertiser. Whatever the case, your site visitors won’t be looking at an ugly black and white box or a spinning kaleidoscope as the video loads. You’ll have their undivided attention; you might as well put it to good use.

If you’re as anxious to see HTML 5 as I am then hold onto your breeches. There’s no release as of yet but it’s in been in development for a couple of years now so you can look for it real soon.