co How To Think Like Google, Part II |

Thinking like Google involves asking yourself one question: What do searchers want? Answer that question for your business and you’ll be able to provide it a lot easier. Make the customer happy and you’ll likely succeed at making Google happy too.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It really is that simple. No real secret or magic formula. So then why is it so hard to rank well in Google’s index? I think it’s because most people who are trying are not really thinking like Google.

Before you do anything on your website or to promote your website online you should ask yourself three questions:

  • Will this benefit my customers or the people I want to be my customers?
  • If my competition did this would I consider it fair?
  • What kind of image will I get by doing this?

If you answer negatively to at least two of those questions then you should probably not do what you were planning to do.

Bottom line for Google is this: Will it benefit searchers? If it won’t then Google won’t like it. And that should be your standard as well.