co How To Think Like Google | has an interesting article about content mills dated today. There is certainly some food for thought there and it’s something that I’ve considered. Most small businesses don’t have to worry about being a content mill, but some may have to worry about using them.

If you purchase content for your website from a freelance copywriter then you are responsible for its quality. Do you have quality guidelines?

I’d suggest that, as a minimum, you review Google’s quality guidelines and make yours at least as strict. If you really want quality, make your guidelines stricter. The bottom line on content is it has to be good enough to pass Google’s muster, and that’s not really saying much.

The real test of quality is whether or not your content addresses a serious need of someone who is looking for answers in your niche. If it does then it might be quality content, but if it doesn’t then it likely isn’t quality at all.

All SEO and content production efforts should involve a process of thinking like Google. The search engine wants to deliver quality content to searchers on every topic that a search could be made on. Your job as webmaster of your small business website is to make your content of such quality that Google will offer it up on its search results pages. To do that sufficiently, you have to think as if you are Google. Ask yourself, What do searchers want?

If you can answer that one question then you’ve got most of your content problems bagged before you start.