co Why Real Time Search Makes Blogging More Important Than Ever |

As you know, I’m a big proponent of small business blogging. But ever since Google and Bing started indexing real time search results your blog has become more important than ever. Here’s why …

Not only are the search engines indexing tweets – and I think we all know that Twitter is getting the lion’s share of publicity about real time results – but other social media, including blogs, are being included in real time search results as well. There are two aspects to real time search.

  1. SERPs Pages – These appear on the first page of the SERP and represent the latest tweets, blog entries, Facebook updates and other social media content.
  2. Latest Results – Of course, the SERPs pages real time section is all about the latest results, but it also includes other search engine results like news, photos, videos, etc. And for the some searches there are no real time results on the SERP so if you want to see the latest results then you need to click on “Show Options” then on “Latest results”. This is where the latest tweets, blog entries and other social media results will appear in real time.

Of course, if someone is looking just for the latest blog results then after clicking on “Show Options” they can click on “Blogs” and only the blog results will appear, but that’s not a new development.

Thanks to real time search indexing, your blog is more important than ever. If you haven’t started one, now is the time.