co Are You Getting Hacked To Death? |

Hackers are notorious for breaking into places they aren’t wanted and just doing stuff for fun. Sometimes they actually do some damage. Lately, the hackers have been getting much more sophisticated. They’ll enter your blog or CMS and drop a file on your server that inserts JavaScript on various pages that redirect visitors back to one of their own sites. Very clever.

The problem with some of these files is that if you delete them they return a few days later. It’s not cool.

But how do they do that?

When a hacker breaches your site’s security they will often leave a hole for themselves to come back through. Even if you patch the security hole they will return because they’ve given themselves another way in. That’s why it is extremely important to upgrade your blog or CMS software whenever developers create a new one. Don’t pass those opportunities up. You’ll regret it.