co Google's New Name: Don't Be Fooled |

Imagine my shock when I typed g-o-o-g-l-e-.-c-o-m into my browser yesterday and was met with Google’s new branded name: Topeka. I was curious so I clicked on the link below the search box to find out why Google had changed its name. Surely, this must be a joke, I thought.

Google Changes Name To Topeka (April Fool's Joke)Well, it was April 1 and Google (as well as other prominent Internet brands) has been known to play a few tricks on April Fool’s Day.

After the initial shock, I did realize it was a joke. And it’s a good thing too. I think we can sometimes take ourselves too seriously. But now that April Fool’s is over, we can all get back to serious work. Just don’t take yourselves too seriously.