co What Matters In An Age Of Instant Gratification? |

Has marketing gone the way of the Big Mac? Are we now all stepping up to the window and ordering our Happy Meal, Biggie Size, as we drive off to the next rush hour event? First, Twitter, then Facebook, then … next? Is marketing now a fast food product?

It might seem like marketing in the digital age is one fast food chain right after another. It kind of makes you wonder “What matters?” If anything at all. Is it just me?

Small business owners are used to setting priorities. We know there are things to do, but the customer often comes first. We’ll get to that other stuff as we can. But has the game changed now that we are doing business online? Is it really all that different?

It might seem more difficult to set priorities in a Big Mac world. But the key is to know what matters most. Is it the customer standing in front of you or one that you might meet on Facebook next week? Small business owners need not get wrapped around the axle about the latest gizmo and its promises. Sure, try them as you have time but if you don’t have the time then stick to what you do best. Sometimes you are better off hiring an expert to handle what you don’t have time for.