co How Many Channels Is Enough? |

The beautiful thing about marketing your small business online is that you have multiple channels to get your message out to people. I mean, theoretically, you have an unlimited number of channels. But realistically, you have to pick and choose. Which ones are more important?

There are some criteria that you should consider for discerning the most important online marketing channels for your business. Here are a few things to think about when making your decision:

  • Relevance – Which channels are relevant to your business? By relevance I mean that the type of audience you are trying to attract will see you there or the channel provides you with some search engine optimization benefit.
  • Accessibility – How accessible is the channel to you and your marketing team? How about your intended audience?
  • Cost – Not all online marketing opportunities are free. Some may actually cost you something. Is it affordable? Even more importantly, will affect your ROI positively?
  • Search Engine Indexing – Today, search engines will only index and rank up to two pages per website for each keyword you are targeting. That means that your exposure is limited even if in a small way. That can be made up by having your message in more than one place. It is becoming much more important to target the verticals like video, news, blog and other search indexing verticals. Target as many as are relevant to your business and that meet your other online marketing criteria.
  • Time intensiveness – How much time does it take to manage the channel and what is the pay off in spending that amount of time on the channel? Some channels are much less time intensive with a higher pay off; I’d recommend spending more time on them and less time on the time intensive channels with a low pay off.

When considering each channel for your online marketing plans, analyze each channel according to these criteria and only use the channels that promise a good return on your time and cost investment.