co Selling Online Does Not Mean Spamming Your Fans |

Many small businesses go online to attempt to market their businesses and increase their sales volumes. It’s a good plan. But what does it mean to “market your business online?”

Well, I’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that you spam your fans or the search engines will a bunch of marketing and sales messages. But just in case you’re not sure if you know what that means, let’s review the definition of spam.

Most Internet marketers view spam as unwanted and unsolicited commercial messages. That means that people trying to sell stuff are being too pushy.

Online, it’s important to understand that people do not want to receive a bunch of marketing messages that interrupt their online viewing habits. If they want what you have to offer they will look for it. So how then can you go about selling your products and services to people online who are doing other things?

It’s called Pull Marketing, or Relationship Marketing. The idea is to focus, first, on building relationships and in the course of doing so you’ll attract a fan base from which your customer base will be pulled. Bottom line: Don’t push. Just pull.