co Authority And Branding In An Age Of Social Media |

The key to branding and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche is to speak with one voice across every medium in which you interact. That is more difficult than it sounds, particularly if you have other people working with you in your media campaigns.

First, the beginning. Establish your hub.

Your hub is your home on the Web. It is the place where you want all of your traffic to concentrate. It’s where you want everyone who wants to know more about you and your brand to go for the best information and a direct route to your sales team. Your branded company website is your hub.

Some companies establish a blog as their company website. Others have a static site with a blog attached. Either way is OK, but you’ve got to make that determination early on. Don’t change it midstream. Pick a path and stick to it.

Next, use your blog as a voice of authority. That is where you teach, lead and draw. You teach people what you want them to know about your expertise. You lead them to a place where they are ready to make a decision and buy from you. You draw them in with quality content. A blog is the perfect mouthpiece for anyone who wants to brand themselves as a voice of authority in their niche.

All of your social media should be centered on one thing – teaching, leading, drawing. You can teach through social media, but not to the extent you do on your blog. Go lighter. Give people a reason to go to your blog for more information.

By the same token, you want to lead people to a place where they are ready to ask for more information. They’ll find that information on your blog and your static website. Finally, draw them in with great social media content.

Branding online is about drawing people to you through great content that they want to read and interact with. That content serves to brand you and make you an authority in the mind of your audience. Draw them deeper and closer to your hub with great content delivered from a branded authority – you. If you do that well, you’ll succeed at online marketing.