co Should You Host Your Videos On Your Own Site? |

Some small business owners may be tempted to host their own videos rather than post them on YouTube. That might be a mistake. But then again, it might not. But here are some things you should think about before you decide to host your own videos.

Do you have enough storage space on your server for your videos? If you are just going to host a couple of videos then it should be no problem. But if you’re talking about hundreds or thousands of videos then your shared hosting account likely won’t be enough. You’ll have to upgrade your hosting and that’s going to cost your money.

You’ll also need to think about the speed of your site uploading when a visitor lands on it. A lot of video hosted on your server could slow your site load and that will hurt you in the search engines.

Those are the two big issues. If either of those works against your then you’ll need to think about hosting your videos elsewhere. YouTube is an option, but if you have legitimate reasons for not wanting to host on YouTube, there are other alternatives. There are other video sites and you can always host in the cloud or set up a dedicated server just for your video. Just be prepared to spend some money if you opt for the dedicated server.