co B2C Vs. B2B Marketing: Is There A Difference Online? |

Is it any different marketing online for business-to-business services and business-to-consumer? On the surface it might seem there is no difference, but there is one slight difference: Where your customers hang out.

If you are a B2B marketer then you’ll likely find more potential clients at LinkedIn than at MySpace or Facebook and more at Facebook than at MySpace. If you are a B2C marketer, however, you might find more potential clients at Facebook than at LinkedIn. If you are in the music business then MySpace might be the place to hang out.

SEO is SEO. The principles are the same, but the strategies might be different. For instance, you might have a more difficult time getting inbound links from your competitors in a B2B environment. In a B2C environment, you are more likely to find non-competitors who are willing to link to you.

While there is technically no difference in the ways that you go about marketing online, strategically B2B and B2C have different needs. In that regard, there’s a difference.