co What Is Authority? |

You’ll hear the word “Authority” a lot with regard to online marketing. The gurus encourage you to make yourself an authority in your niche by marketing yourself in certain ways, namely, through you blog, articles and other content that establishes you as an expert in your field. But is that enough?

Simply writing articles, blogs and other content and putting your name on them does not establish you as an authority. You have to back up the first impression with impressive results.

Authority is a word that means you have power, a kind of power that involves influence. It means that you command respect for no reason other than your power to influence others to follow your lead. But where that come from? Your byline? Your name? Your reputation?

In essence, authority comes from perception. People perceive you to be a knowledgeable expert. To establish that perception in the minds of your audience you need three things:

  • Knowledge – Yes, knowledge is important and you can demonstrate articles with a byline, but that is only the beginning.
  • Skill – You must possess a definable and valuable skill, one that people need and that you have. The must be marketable and valuable.
  • Sales Panache – You need to have an ability to sell yourself. All perception is based on the perceived having the ability to sell the perception. If you want others to view you as an authority on a subject then you’ve got to be able to present yourself as an authority. Knowledge and skill and alone will not do that.

Being an authority is important to being successful. It takes creating a perception and that involves sales work. Knowledge and skill are only the beginning. The wrap up in the sales process.