co What To Do When Blog Creativity Wanes |

If you’ve got a blog that you’ve been writing to for your company and you hit a snag in the creativity department, what do you do? How do you snap out of the (writer’s) block? When you run out of ideas, how do you develop new ones?

Bloggers all have different ways of handling their creativity. Some bloggers scale back and write on a more irregular basis rather than on an every day basis. Is that a good idea?

Yes, it can be. But bloggers who blog every day do so for the search engine marketing benefits. Frequent content on your blog or website is a good thing. The more the merrier. You are competing against businesses in your niche that update their blogs often. If you want to truly compete then you’ve got to be a frequent updater as well. That’s why an irregular update schedule for your blog is less preferable than other ways of handling the blocks.

Here are three specific things you can do when you are running out of ideas for your blog and you want to boost your level of creativity:

  1. Read other blogs inside and outside of your niche. Seeing what others have to say can often give you your own ideas to play off of.
  2. Go for a walk. Take a break. Meditate. Perform yoga. Run two miles. Exercise often boosts creativity. Don’t try to force it.
  3. Handle a customer service issue. Balance the checkbook. Do something productive not related to your blog then when you get a good idea, start writing.

Many times, simply doing something else will get your creativity juices flowing. That’s why many bloggers start the day with a cup of coffee while going through their e-mail and RSS feeds.