co Is Social Media Marketing Or Link Building More Important? |

Internet marketers have been discussing link building for a long time. For a while that was the most important Internet marketing strategy of all, at least in the minds of many SEOs and Internet marketers. However, the tide is starting to turn and for many online marketers, social media marketing is taking the No. 1 spot as most important strategy. But is it?

There are pros and cons to both strategies, of course. I’d say that both are important, but there are pitfalls to look out for in each.

For instance, link building is good if you want to develop inbound links that provide you with strong anchor text and increase your search engine rankings. However, do it wrong and it can backfire. You could even hurt your site more than help it if you hire the wrong company or using spammy techniques. To perform a really good link building campaign you have to really plan it out and don’t take unnecessary risks.

With social media marketing, one of the biggest drawbacks is time and expense. To do it well you have to spend time planning and put some money into your campaigns. You can’t do it pass/fail.

There really is no either/or equation when it comes to Internet marketing strategies. You have to plan and implement your plan knowing what benefits you fully expect to receive before you start. Both social media marketing and link building have their place. Your job is to know what that is.