co YouTube Partners Ideas - Got Any? |

The YouTube Partners Program has been a bit of a success and there are quite a few people running full run entertainment and educational series on YouTube. It’s become a bit of a monetary game on its own. Well, Google is now taking ideas to improve the program and you’re invited.

I’d just like to take this time to suggest to you that being a YouTube partner might be a way for you to grow your audience. If you have not tried video marketing yet then this could be your big chance.

But understand the difference between video marketing and running your own YouTube channel as a YouTube partner. It’s a bit like the difference between NPR and a syndicated radio show host. While both have their merits, publicly-funded radio simply cannot hope to reach the same pinnacle of monetary success that privately-funded syndication can. That’s not to say the programming is better – it’s just apples and oranges.

The age of the video has arrived. Now is the time to get on the train. I hope you’re at least standing at the depot.