co Why You Should Check Domain Name Availability Before You Brand Yourself |

Start up companies in the future should perform a domain name check on any brand name before they adopt it. I believe this will become an accepted and common practice for new start ups in the future, both for large companies and for small businesses.

There are several reasons you’d want to check the availability of a domain name before you settle on a brand name. If the domain name isn’t available then you’ll have a real hard time getting visitors to your website as many will be looking for your brand dot com. It won’t be impossible, but it will be difficult. It’s best to avoid that hurdle altogether and settle on a brand name and a matching domain name at the same time.

I believe attorneys and CPAs will likely provide this service in the future along with corporation filing services. Some probably already do.

Because Internet marketing will be integral part of doing business in the future, any new start up companies that plan to have an Internet marketing strategy should not adopt a company name until they are sure they get a domain name that will match the branding. It’s just good business.