co Why Companies Are Spending More To Advertise Online (And You Should Too) |

More companies are spending more money on online advertising than print.

The big question here is, Why? And should you be spending more money for online advertising as well?

Keep in mind that by “online advertising” I mean more than just display advertising. I mean all forms of digital marketing. That includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click, etc. Again, why?

I think that companies that are migrating their marketing efforts to online forms of marketing are doing so in response to the trend in consumer trust in online sources. More people are conducting searches online for everything from real estate to churches. As more people conduct searches and find themselves interacting with others online (Facebook is now the second most trafficked site online) then advertisers will follow. But should you?

I think small businesses would benefit by having an online presence and by advertising online. You can get more return on less investment by advertising online. You might as well go where your audience is. Don’t you think?