co Your Social Media Road Map For The Twin Cities |

If you operate a business in the Twin Cities area and have any interest whatsoever in online marketing – or even if you don’t (because you know you should, wink wink) – then you’ll definitely not want to miss Your Social Media Road Map, a seminar on using online social media to promote your business.

The featured speaker, of course, is yours truly. However, the event is sponsored by law firm Daniels Wymore and Stone Creek Financial.

The presentation will cover the following need-to-know essentials of social media marketing:

  • Why “Marketing As Usual” no longer works
  • How social media helps you rank higher in the search engines
  • How to strategically implement a social media plan for your business that eliminates wasted time and gets results
  • Creative ways you can tap into the Twitter craze to market your business
  • Specific social media take-aways you can use to find new customers and increase your sales right away
  • and Why waiting to get started with social media is costing you money right now

I’ll give this FREE PRESENTATION on Friday, March 26 at 7:30 a.m. at Stone Creek Financial located at 301 Carlson Parkway, Suite 300 (in the 3rd floor conference room) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Space is limited so register early. If you have any interest in social media marketing or have heard about social media marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of other hundreds of social media sites online and would like to know how you can tap into this powerful 21st century marketing method to promote your business and grow your sales more than ever then sign up at

Did I mention it’s a free event?