co Is The Long Tail Really A Small Business Owner's Salvation? |

For a few good years now small business owners have been told that the long tail is where to find high value click throughs. For the most part, that’s been correct. But what many small business owners have failed to calculate is that the advice to search the long tail was also heeded by the large businesses who have deep pockets. The result is a more competitive long tail playing field.

What should we do about this?

The small business advantage has always been stealth. Where large businesses have been able to throw money at a situation and dominate a market based on sheer size, small business owners have had to rely on creativity and sly maneuver. The way that has played in with search engine marketing has been to search the long tail, but I see that coming to a close very soon.

What is opening up, however, is a brand new way of marketing. Social media has been the buzz for a couple of years now. I believe we have yet to realize the potential in social media marketing. But I also believe that small businesses are better equipped to experiment and use the small business advantage to gain a foothold in a niche.

What do you think? Should small businesses abandon the long tail? Should we focus more on social media?