co Is Direct Mail Obsolete? |

In today’s high technology world where the Internet rules, one can quickly get the impression that the old ways of doing business are no longer necessary. Some people might even say that direct mail and off line advertising are obsolete. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While I’m a big advocate of search engine marketing, social media marketing and online marketing of various sorts, I still believe off line marketing, and direct mail in particular, are still a necessary part of taking your message to your audience. Direct mail can be very effective as a supplement to your Internet marketing efforts, or vice-versa.

The principles of direct mail haven’t changed, though the methods may be slightly different for the 21st century. In your direct mail marketing you should include your e-mail address and website address. Try to drive traffic to your website using direct mail and capture e-mail addresses for further marketing. The more touch points you can create, the better you’ll do in all your marketing efforts.