co Will Partnering With Twitter Make Yahoo! Relevant Again? |

Yahoo!, like Bing and Google before it, have entered into a partnership with Twitter, but it seems that the Yahoo! partnership might actually go a step further. This is the part that is the extra step forward:

(Source) Coming Soon: Read your personal Twitter feeds directly from Yahoo!’s many products and properties, including the homepage, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Sports, and others — anywhere you can see Yahoo! Updates across our network.

But the part that I think is the most interesting and exciting is this:

Coming Soon: Whenever you produce social actions on any website (like comments on articles, ratings, buzzes on Yahoo! Buzz) that you’ve allowed to appear on Yahoo! Updates, those actions can also be shared automatically with your friends on Twitter.

For those of you who have written Yahoo! out of the picture, not so fast. It may be losing ground, but it isn’t dead. My gut feeling is that Yahoo! has bowed out of search, but that it is attempting to cast its future on social media. If that is the case then we should begin judging Yahoo! on how it implements these types of user services from here on. This actually looks like a good opportunity for publishers to expand their user base and drive more social traffic to their websites.

What do you think? Could this Yahoo!-Twitter deal outdo the Google-Twitter and Bing-Twitter deals?