co New Study Shows Facebook Is Effective Marketing |

For those of us who have used Facebook we don’t need the survey results to tell us how effective Facebook is for marketing, but a new survey shows that is very effective.

I’m particularly encouraged by the following paragraph in the above article:

“The fact that only about 5 percent of the firm’s 13,000 customers became Facebook fans within three months indicates that Facebook fan pages may work best as niche marketing programs targeted to customers who regularly use Facebook. Social-media marketing must be employed judiciously with other types of marketing programs.”

Five percent is nothing to sneeze at. That’s 650 new Facebook fans in three months. For some small businesses, that would be fantastic growth. And 650 new fans could lead to a few good sales. Just a 1% conversion rate on that would be about 2 new sales a month with zero expense. If your average sale is $100 then you have a $200 return on investment per month.

The size of the numbers don’t matter. Some will be larger and some will be smaller. The fact is, Facebook fan pages can be effective marketing. Even if effective as niche marketing programs, which can often be more effective marketing programs anyway, Facebook fan pages work. The evidence is in.