co The Most Amazing Sentence On The Internet |

The following sentence appeared as a summary of an RSS feed:

No other marketing piece can do what adding fresh content to your web site can.

The article this sentence summarizes what can be read here. But I find the summary just as amazing as the article itself. Maybe more.

Think about it. Online marketers go to a lot of trouble to build inbound links to their website, promote their site through social networks, create videos on YouTube and so much more – off their website. But the real action is on your website.

This is why I think blogging is so amazing. You can create original content that shines every single day. Or 15 times a day if you can hack it.

Without a blog, you’d have to build a new web page every day. Nothing wrong with that, but that requires HTML and coding and activities that require time. A blog post isn’t as involved, but it can be just as effective. Bottom line: The content on your website is the most important marketing tool you have. Don’t chintz on it.