co Is Duplicate Content Always Bad? |

A lot has been said in the last couple of years about duplicate content. Some people think you’ll be penalized if you get caught with it. Others know that you just don’t get credit for content that appears multiple times across various websites. But is it always a bad thing to have duplicate content?

While I wouldn’t encourage webmasters to just go out and start adding the same article to every website they own, the truth is you can make money from duplicate content.

There is one instance where duplicate content can benefit you. If you have an affiliate program and a tried and tested sales page that you know works, you can offer your sales page for use to all of your affiliates. That sales page would sit on each affiliate’s website and all traffic each page sends to you will be tracked with an affiliate code so that you can pass the proper credit to each affiliate.

So how does this benefit you and your affiliates? Obviously, it won’t benefit your affiliates as far as SEO is concerned. That sales page’s first publication – on your website – will be the one indexed. And now you’re asking, “Won’t that discourage your affiliates?” No, not really.

Most of your affiliates are going to drive traffic to their sales page with PPC ads, blogs and articles. SEO won’t matter to them. If the sales page converts traffic to customers then it will do its job no matter how the affiliates drive traffic to it. They won’t be so much concerned with SEO for that page as they will conversions.

In that case, duplicate content would be good. But don’t tell that to the SEOs who just repeat the same mantra they heard someone else say.