co Do You Check Your Web Pages In Every Browser? |

One of the most important things to do before you make your website live is to test it in every major browser available. Of course, there are so many browsers on the market today that you can’t test in all of them. But you can test your web pages in the most important ones. Here are five browsers you should definitely test your web pages in before you publish them:

  • Internet Explorer – The most popular Web browser. But don’t just test for the latest one. You’ll need to test for IE6, IE7 and IE8.
  • Mozilla FireFox – The is the most popular open source browser on the market. More people use IE, but most web developers use FireFox. It’s the second most popular browser online and you shouldn’t do anything without testing your pages in FireFox.
  • Safari – This is Apple’s Web browser for the Mac. You want your pages to look good on the MacIntosh? Test them in Safari.
  • Google Chrome – Not very many people are using Google Chrome, but it is Google’s Web browser. It is the fastest browser on the market so there’s a good chance it could grow in popularity. You should test your web pages in it before you publish them.
  • Flock – Fewer people use Flock than use Google Chrome, but it is billed as the social media browser. Enough people use it that you shouldn’t ignore it.

If you want your web pages to look right in the most popular browsers you should test them in those browsers.