co Should Facebook Add A Blogging Feature? |

If Facebook had a blogging feature, would you use it? I’m betting that you’d at least consider it and so is Chris Crum. In fact, Chris Crum makes one of the best recommendations that I’ve seen in a while.

In short order, Chris’s suggestion is for Facebook to change its Notes tab to a Blog tab and compete head on with Google in the blogosphere. That’s not a bad recommendation for several reasons:

  • Facebook is the second most visited site online (behind Google) so having a blog there would give Facebook bloggers a huge benefit and built in traffic.
  • Many Facebook users are not bloggers, but they might become bloggers if Facebook had that option available.
  • Many successful bloggers, seeing the benefit of having a blog on Facebook, would start a Facebook blog to supplement their current blogs.
  • Adding a blog feature would provide Facebook with more user-generated content and make Facebook itself more search friendly (even at Google).

Now I’m curious, if Facebook had a blog feature, would you use it? Would you do more to promote your business through Facebook’s blogging service?