co The Proliferation Of Online Competition |

At this juncture in the history of online marketing, I find it a bit reflective to take a look at the nature of competition. In the early days – and I mean the early, early days – there were not that many websites online. Of those that were online, they had virtually little competition as there were so few websites representing the various industries that were represented at all. And search engine optimization was so much easier then.

As the Web has grown, both in the number of users and the number of websites, more and more people have joined the Internet marketing craze. Search engine optimization has gotten more difficult, there are more ways to market a business online and most industries are a lot more competitive. For most businesses competing online there is huge competition as you are not just competing against like businesses but also against unlike businesses seeking to rank for the same key terms.

The nature of online competition is so different to the competition in the brick and mortar world.

Today’s competitive landscape is so much more difficult. With so many businesses seeking to rank in the search engines for the same keywords, so many different ways to market a business and so many ways to fail, it can get confusing. What should a small business person focus on?

There’s nothing wrong with seeking help from someone who’s been there before. Sometimes, the smartest thing to do is ask for help. If you find yourself in that position, ask someone who is empathetic with your station. You are not alone.