co Why Natural Is So Good |

When it comes website promotion, and link building in particular, doing it the natural way trumps all the SEO in the world. I hear small business people all the time, after they’ve learned a little bit about SEO – and that can sometimes be more dangerous than knowing nothing at all – say something like “I need 100 do-follow links in a hurry,” or “I only want links from PR5 sites and higher.” Folks, if you’re going to build links then you better do it the natural way.

So what is the natural way?

The natural way to build links is the way that people do it if the search engines weren’t watching. In fact, if you didn’t get any SEO benefit from it at all then the best way to link is the way you would link so that it benefits your site visitors.

In other words, how would you do it if there was nothing to be gained from doing it at all?

Traffic. Link for your traffic. Build links from small sites and large sites within your niche and from which out niche just as you would if you were busy going about your natural business. Just be yourself.