co Will Social Media Marry Advertising? |

One of the things that helped catapult Google to the top of the search engines was its embracing PPC advertising. The income earned from Google AdWords has allowed the company to expand and grow beyond all comparison. Faceboo, too, has grown, but its growth has largely been seen as a grass roots effort. It has focused on one core competency and delivered on quality (for the most part).

But when I read something like this it takes my breath away. If this is true then it says a lot about how people search for online businesses. I didn’t even know Google was the number 1 traffic source on Yellowbook. If Facebook has surpassed Google in that regard then it says something important about advertising.

Online advertising specifically. First, Yellowbook; then what? Will Facebook become as ubiquitous as Google? Will Facebook ever become as dominant as Google due to its influence in advertising? Will that affect other social media sites as well?