co How Big Does Your Online Business Need To Be? |

Reading the day’s headlines, one may get the impression that succeeding online means being the biggest company in your industry. Or the one with the most recognizable name. But neither of those is true.

The key to succeeding online is to develop a niche. It doesn’t need to be a huge niche. It can be a narrowly targeted niche. But it has to be a niche that you can develop and capitalize on. It also has to be large enough to sustain a business model around.

Preferably, your niche will have no competition. It would be nice to get into a niche with no competition and with lots of potential for profit. But even if there is competition, it has to be a niche where you have some skill and expertise and that you can turn into a reputation for yourself.

You don’t have to be big. You just have to be good.