co Will Facebook And Bing Overtake Google? |

Google rose to prominence on its own strengths. Facebook too. But Bing has largely sought to increase its share of the search market through strategic partnerships – first with Yahoo!, which hasn’t exactly panned out yet, and now, with Facebook.

This will be an interesting partnership if it ever sees the light of day. Google owns YouTube, which is in the top 5 most trafficked websites. Bing and Facebook, of course, will still be wholly owned enterprises so their relationship will be more of a partnership, but Facebook is the second most trafficked website online. Bing falls in somewhere in the top 10. Are you starting to see what’s going on?

If Bing powers all of Facebook’s searches then that will likely increase its share of search. Will it be enough to compete with Google?

That’s a question that remains to be answered. My first response is likely not, but if Bing gets significant enough of an increase in searches from its relationship with Facebook then it could at least make a little bit of a jump on Google. The big question is, how much?