co Resurrecting Old Content To New Life |

One marketing tip that small business owners can take advantage of and that doesn’t take long or a lot of resources to do is to resurrect old content. By that I simply mean re-introducing it to your networks.

Let’s say you have a blog post is a couple of years old. It got some immediate attention when you wrote it because it was relevant and well written. A lot of people liked it. But time moved on and the popularity tapered off. However, it still gets a little bit of attention now and then. That’s evidence that the content is still valuable. Why not pull it up and promote it some?

Take that old content that is still valuable and that gained some initial popularity and re-promote it. Tweet it or share it on your social networks and drive some new traffic to it. You might also write an update – a new blog post – and link back to the original so that any new blog readers and subscribers you have can discover an old gem they never experienced in the first place. Your old readers will appreciate the reminder.

Sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to resurrect old content for newer audiences.