co What's The Best Online Marketing Tool? |

Internet marketing has grown to such an extent that just about anyone who has a business today is thinking of doing their own. But many companies do not know where to start let alone have any idea what might be the best marketing tool online.

If you’ve spent any time online at all then you’ve likely heard about search engine optimization, pay per click, social media (Facebook and Twitter), e-mail marketing, directory submissions, and link building. Just to name a few.

You’ve probably also heard a little about video marketing, viral marketing and mobile marketing.

Which marketing method is the best depends a lot on the factors at play. They are different for every business. Some businesses will do well at video marketing. Others might do better with pay per click advertising. You have to figure out what you’re good at and what your audience responds to.

Another thing that makes it difficult to compare online marketing methods is metrics. How do you measure results? PPC has proven to be effective in driving targeted traffic to a page where you might want it. Social media is great for building connections. SEO for getting organic search results. But when it comes to converting traffic to sales, e-mail marketing is usually mentioned as the No. 1 marketing tool. But that largely depends on the value of your list. Got a good list, you’ll get good results.