co The Best Opportunities In Social Media Are Local |

Greg Sterling has a great article on local social media and the phenomenon of online word of mouth advertising. It coincides perfectly with my last post on the subject of social media.

One thing has become clear: Social media isn’t going anywhere. And I fully agree with Mr. Sterling’s observation that Facebook is headed in the direction of a hostile takeover of Yahoo!s No. 2 position where Internet traffic is concerned. If you think about it, Yahoo! was one of the Internet’s first social destinations (remember when they were a directory with just a few thousand listings?).

When it comes to social media, however, the best opportunities are still local. Through Facebook, in fact, local businesses can connect and build relationships before ever meeting in person. The same goes for Twitter. And then there’s Yelp and some other up-and-coming local directory sites that show some promise.

I think the future looks bright for local social media. Are you in?