co Why People Follow Brands On Social Media |

eMarketer ran an interesting article on social media and branding, with which I fully concur. The data shows two primary reasons that social followers want to connect with brands through social media:

  • To get special offers and great deals
  • To find new products to try and engage with company culture

This pretty much shoots down any idea that social media is just a place for teenagers and college co-eds to play. It is now used primarily as a business tool and two of the most popular and used social media sites for business are Facebook and Twitter. The above truths both apply to these two social brands.

So how can small businesses use this information to engage with audiences online?

First, coupons are a great way to draw people in and get them interested in your brand. If you can make an introductory offer to draw new customers to your business then you stand a good chance of keeping them when you deliver quality service.

Secondly, the use of Twitter only or Facebook only deals have proven to be quite popular and usually get excellent responses from companies who have used them.

Finally, the use of Twitter and Facebook for conversational marketing have become a standard. All you really have to do is engage in meaningful interactions with your followers. If they like you, they will do business with you.