co Relationship Marketing Begins With Your Blog & Hosted Website |

Every now and then I read an article and think the author has it all together, then they make a recommendation that I think is just a little off the mark. This article at SiteProNews is one of those articles.

The author is right on target with the importance of relationship marketing in the 20th century. And she’s right on the mark with her recommendation of Facebook and LinkedIn as social media tools. The problem is when she talks about blogging. Her recommendation is to use one of the free blog hosts, but I don’t recommend that at all. Here’s why:

  • Your own domain name acts as a much better hub for your relationship marketing efforts.
  • A blog with a keyword-based URL is going to get you much better traffic than a blog hosted on Blogger or
  • Updating your own blog at your web address adds new content to your website every time you create a new blog post and each of those updates is a brand new page on your website, giving you many more chances to rank for your keywords in the search engines. Bottom line: Owning the property is better than renting it.
  • You can host conversations about your product, service and industry on your own web property.
  • By drawing people to your website or blog you will make it easier for them to see what you have to offer and make it more likely that they will make a purchase.

This is just the beginning. Relationship marketing is here and more powerful than ever. The Internet makes possible what has never been possible before for the average small business. Having your own blog is not as expensive as you might think and it’s one of the best marketing tools you’ll ever have.